Why Visit

Highlights of WieTec 2025

Experience the Industrial Theme of WieTec highly focusing on the forefront of industrial advancements for energy conservation and environmental protection.

Have a deep insight into the green economy’s supply chain of China with the prominent opportunity for propelling China’s dual carbon goals.

Witness the unveiling of latest products and cutting-edge technologies from leading exhibitors.

Engage in a dynamic environment with over a hundred industry forums with esteemed speakers of the industry and profound discussions on current hottest topics

Established as the face-to-face communication platform gathering over a hundred industry associations and research institutes.

Over 300 authoritative mainstream and industry-specific media, alongside major digital marketing channels, provide extensive publicity and exposure in China Market.

Visitors’ Feedback

  • Shanghai Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd.:
  • “At WieTec, we saw top-notch fluid transmission and water treatment displays. Our team also joined the forum of “Sixth Yangtze River Delta Building Water Supply and Drainage Designers Congress,” a key event for us, and we’re excited about its future growth and improvements! “
  • Vietnam Overseas Buyers Group:
  • “We recognized China’s role as a global manufacturing powerhouse and went to WieTec to find new products and technologies. Our goal is to bring these innovations to Vietnam and beyond, and we really appreciate the organizers for a fantastic event!”

Leading Brands from WieTec 2025