Why Exhibit

Highlights of WieTec 2024

Experience the industrial Theme of WieTec highly focusing on the forefront of industrial advancements for energy conservation and environmental protection.

Have a deep insight into the green economy’s supply chain of China with the prominent opportunity for propelling China’s dual carbongoals.

Witness the unveiling of latest products and cutting-edge technologies from leading exhibitors.

Engage in a dynamic environment with over a hundred industry forums with esteemed speakers of the industry and profound discussions on current hottest topics.

Established as the face-to-face communication platform gathering over a hundred industry associations and research institutes.

Over 300 authoritative mainstream and industry-specific media, alongside three major digital marketing channels, provide extensive publicity and exposure in China Market.

Exhibitors’ Feedback

Kangtai Environmental Protection Co., Ltd

“During the exhibition, we were swamped with visitors, showing how much people love our brand. We connected with new clients from various sectors and got great feedback, so we’ll definitely support WieTec again in the future! ” 


EcoWater Systems, Inc   

“We’ve been part of WieTec for years, using it to keep up with trends, grow our customer base, and build our brand. WieTec 2023 was a hit, and we’re excited for its future. We’re eager for even closer collaboration and growth together!”

Wilo (China) Pump System Co., Ltd.

“After a two-year break, Wilo returned to WieTec, launching three major products and showcasing our commitment to environmental tech. We kicked off with our annual product launch and even celebrated the third season of the Wilo Cup. We’re excited for next year’s WieTec and can’t wait to reconnect!” 

Leading Brands from WieTec 2024