All-China Environment Federation

All-China Environment Federation (ACEF) is a nationwide non-profitable civil society organization (CSO) in the field of the environment, and is supported by the government. It is composed of CSOs and individuals who are enthusiastic about and support environmental protection and are willing to work for it. The objective of ACEF is to serve as a bridge between the government and the public in implementing the sustainable development strategy, achieving national objectives on environment and development, and protecting the environmental rights of the public. By fully utilizing its organizational advantage, ACEF aims to promote environmental protection and sustainable development in China and the world at large.


China Energy Conservation Association

China Energy Conservation Association (CECA), established in 1989, is a national-level non-profit organization registered with the Ministry of Civil Affairs, specializing in the field of energy conservation. Since its establishment, the association has been dedicated to energy saving, improving energy efficiency, promoting comprehensive utilization of resources, and protecting the environment. With a focus on resource conservation, CECA actively engages in research, conducts promotional campaigns, provides training and consulting services, and organizes the development and dissemination of energy-saving and emission-reduction technologies. The association plays a crucial role as a bridge and link between the government, industry, and enterprises in advancing energy conservation and emission reduction efforts.


Membrane Industry Association of China

Membrane Industry Association of China (MIAC), initiated jointly by the former Ministry of Chemical Industry, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the State Oceanic Administration, was officially registered with the Ministry of Civil Affairs in 1995. It is a legally recognized social organization. Comprised of voluntary enterprises and institutions in the national membrane industry, MIAC is a nationwide non-profit industry organization that operates across regions and departments. Its supervisory authority is the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.


China Instruments Manufacturers Association 

China Instruments Manufacturers Association (CIMA), established in 1988, is a nationwide, industry-specific, non-profit social organization that brings together numerous leading and well-known enterprises and research institutions in the industry. It currently has 1,079 members, including 987 manufacturing companies, 44 research institutions, 21 colleges and universities, and 27 related associations. Over the years, adhering to the principle of “serving members, serving the industry, serving the government, and serving society,” CIMA has played a pivotal role as a bridge and link between government departments and member units. It actively engages in information exchange, technology sharing, talent development, and management activities among domestic and international organizations in the same industry, as well as within its member units.


Shanghai Association of Environmental Protection Industry

The Shanghai Association of Environmental Protection Industry (abbreviated as SHAEPI) was established in 1984 and is one of the earliest local environmental protection industry associations. The association is jointly managed by the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment and the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau. Its main business includes conducting industrial surveys and statistics, organizing training, setting standards, assisting in certification, evaluation, information release, editing and publishing, exhibition marketing, cooperative exchanges, and technical consultation. The association currently has over 500 member units covering water, air, noise, waste, soil, solid waste treatment and disposal, environmental consulting services, equipment and instrument production, social monitoring agencies, agricultural and rural pollution control, electromagnetic ionizing radiation, low-carbon and green finance, legal support for environmental protection, and other environmental industries.


Herui Expo

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Informa Markets

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