WieTec 2024 Kicks Off with Grandeur!

On June 3, 2024, WieTec opened with grandeur at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai!

Spanning a vast 260,000 square meters, the exhibition showcases five major themes: Watertech Shanghai, Flowtech, Ecotech, Intenv, and Energy Saving. These themes collectively outline the vision of an era dedicated to environmental protection, driving the strategic upgrade of the entire energy conservation and environmental protection industry.

With over 4,000 exhibitors and 120,000 attendees, the opening day reached its peak. The anticipation and excitement were palpable, with environmental enthusiasts from all over gathering once again. The exhibition halls were bustling with activity as exhibitors and visitors shared their high expectations and enthusiasm.

A Showcase of Excellence

Renowned brands such as Canature, DuPont, LG, Hyde Energy, Wharton Technology, Lisheng, Grundfos, Wilo, Bentech, Jose, Rotork, China Construction Environmental Energy, Kedier, Advance, Yuehua, Green, Hach, Focus Technology, Hikvision, Wuhan Tianhong, Snow Dragon, Bose, Xinlei, Luodi, Fengdian Technology, Huatong Fan, and many more competed to demonstrate their innovations.

With over 100,000 exhibits and more than 1,000 new product launches, the audience was stunned by the array of innovations. Every hall was filled with stars and surprises, presenting advanced technologies for pollutant prevention and energy saving. Highlights included water treatment, membranes, water pumps, valves, pipelines, waste gas treatment, solid waste management, environmental monitoring, process control, fans, compressors, and industrial heat pumps.

Global Connectivity and Cross-Border Integration

WieTec 2024 is setting a global standard by fostering international connectivity and cross-border integration. With multinational buyer groups and thousands of top-tier international resources, the event is poised to make a significant impact. The exhibition, in partnership with the global exhibition leader Informa Markets, features an international brand exhibition area, bringing together renowned brands from Europe, America, Japan, and South Korea. This global convergence has created a vibrant atmosphere of cross-border collaboration.

A highlight of the event is the presence of international buyer groups, which have become a dynamic and engaging aspect of the exhibition. These groups have shown great enthusiasm for participating, gaining a deeper understanding of the domestic environmental protection market. They have expressed strong recognition and appreciation for many of the brand exhibitors, frequently visiting and engaging at major booths.

Sharing a vast audience resource of 200,000 attendees from Southeast Asia and thousands of buyers from the Middle East, South Asia, and other Belt and Road Initiative cooperation countries, the exhibition has created an opulent overseas buyer matching area in collaboration with Informa Markets. This strategic connection with international supply and demand resources has opened new pathways for brands to “go global.” Throughout the event, negotiations and collaborations with international partners are a common sight, marking a new era of global environmental cooperation.

High-End International Forums and Innovation at WieTec 2024

In a groundbreaking collaboration, the organizers have teamed up with the world’s leading industry associations, research institutions, and international media to present a series of prestigious events. On the opening day, these include the 2024 Digital Water Innovation Forum, the IWLF International Industrial Water Leaders Forum, the 2024 Shanghai International Water Exhibition and China Membrane Industry Development Summit, the 2024 Asian Water Treatment Technology Exchange and Supply and Demand Matchmaking Conference, and the inaugural Municipal Water Overseas Market Forum: Policies and Opportunities. Leveraging the strengths of international cooperation, these forums aim to amplify high-end international activities and discussions.

Innovation Exhibition Areas and Forward-Looking Trends

The conference features over 20 innovation exhibition areas, each debuting with the goal of setting the pulse for the entire industry and seeking new advancements.

The environmental protection industry boasts a rich history of innovation. As we enter 2024, the concept of “new quality productivity “has become a focal point in government reports and major meetings. This signifies incorporating high-end, low-carbon, and modernized approaches into the core strategies of economic development.

WieTec 2024 has introduced an exciting new 20+ Innovation Exhibition Area. This dynamic platform promises robust discussions and high-energy output, featuring over 80 forums and thousands of engaging topics, drawing in a full house of attendees.

The environmental protection industry in 2024 is brimming with “surprises,” as the need for large-scale equipment upgrades reveals an estimated market potential of 5 trillion yuan. The launch of industrial energy conservation and central environmental protection supervision initiatives has intensified the pressure on those at the forefront of pollution prevention and control.

Navigating the road ahead involves addressing critical questions: How will key industries like steel, nonferrous metals, and petrochemicals transform and upgrade? What are the next steps for high-end and intelligent advancements under the new productivity standards? And when will environmental protection companies, having streamlined their operations, reclaim their peak positions? This conference aims to explore these pivotal issues, setting the stage for the future of environmental innovation and industry transformation.

Global Experts Converge at 80+ Forums for Groundbreaking Environmental Discussions

More than 80 forums, held alongside WieTec, captivated attendees with a diverse array of topics, policy interpretations, technical analyses, case studies, product showcases, and scientific research proposals. On the first day alone, over 20 engaging events featured prominent associations and institutions such as the Chinese Academy of Engineering, China Energy Conservation Association, China National Environmental Monitoring Center, International Water Association, the Royal Academy of Engineering, Tsinghua University, and Tongji University.

Notable figures such as Xu Zuxin and Ma Jun from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Joby Boxall from the Royal Academy of Engineering, Oliver Grievson, chairman of the Digital Water Committee of the International Water Association, Vladan Babovic, a professor at the National University of Singapore, Qu Jiuhui, an environmental engineering expert and academician of the Academy of Sciences for the Developing World, and Ren Hongqiang, an environmental engineering expert and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, were among the distinguished guests. The dynamic interactions between these experts and the audience elevated the academic atmosphere to new heights.

At the exhibition site, representatives from various associations, including the Zhejiang Environmental Protection Industry Association, Jiangsu Environmental Protection Industry Association, Suzhou Environmental Science Society, Kunshan Environmental Science Society, Nantong Environmental Protection Industry Association, Huzhou Environmental Protection Industry Association, Zhejiang Ecological and Environmental Restoration Technology Association, Yixing Environmental Protection City, Changzhou Enterprises Federation, Changzhou Textile Engineering Society, Shanghai Electroplating Association, Suzhou Electroplating Association, and Shanghai Inspection, Testing and Certification Association, were in attendance. Their presence drew significant attention, as they inspected, guided, and observed the major booths, generating keen interest from onlookers at every exhibition hall they visited.

WieTec 2024 has set a new benchmark for environmental protection and energy conservation events, combining extensive international participation, cutting-edge innovations, and in-depth industry discussions. The exhibition’s grandeur and the multitude of high-caliber forums underscore the commitment to low-carbon transformation and sustainable development. With significant engagement from global experts, renowned brands, and international buyer groups, WieTec 2024 not only highlighted the latest advancements in environmental technology but also fostered invaluable cross-border collaborations.

Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to be part of the low-carbon transformation. Visit WieTec 2024 today and join the conversation on the future of environmental sustainability and industry innovation. We look forward to seeing you there!