Exploring China’s Industries: Shihuantong Study Tour for Quality Development

Take a closer look at China’s industries with the Shihuantong Study Tour. This article focuses on the tour’s exploration of high-quality development in the pump and valve sector, featuring key stops at Shanghai Liancheng (Group) Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Hugong Valve Factory (Group) Co., Ltd. Explore industry challenges, innovations, and strategies for cross-regional business opportunities. Get insights into China’s dynamic pump and valve industry, highlighting the players and collaborations shaping its future excellence.

Shihuantong Study Tour showcases China's pump and valve industry insights

The Shihuantong Study Tour recently began its exploration of China’s economic strengths, delving into the industrial centers of Liancheng and Shanghai. With a focus on Shanghai Engineering, the tour aims to understand the essentials for achieving high-quality development in the pump and valve sector. This initiative comes as China makes significant progress in the mid and low-end of the industry, highlighting the importance of elevating the standards in this vital field.

Shanghai Engineering: Striving for Excellence in China’s Pump and Valve Industry

As China aims for high-quality economic growth, the pump and valve industry faces a crucial challenge—dependence on imported high-end products. To secure ongoing growth, Chinese companies must quickly develop high-end and international capabilities for domestic pump and valve products, especially in the face of rising global tensions and uncertainties.

With over 200,000 pump and valve manufacturing companies in China, fierce market competition is inevitable. Standing out amidst this competition becomes a strategic imperative for companies seeking high-quality development and enhanced competitiveness. To address this need and foster cross-regional business opportunities, WieTec organised the Shihuantong Corporate Study Tour—a meticulously tailored series of business exchange activities spanning 29 provinces and cities across China.

The first phase of this study tour witnessed a confluence of over 10,000 VIP buyers and 1,000 well-known brands. A contingent of more than 20 industry professionals, including distribution agents, engineering companies, and industrial end users, delved into a comprehensive exploration of Shanghai Liancheng (Group) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Hugong Valve Factory (Group) Co., Ltd.

Shihuantong Study Tour showcases China's pump and valve industry insights

Shanghai Liancheng (Group) Co., Ltd.: Leading in Fluid Industry Excellence

We started our tour at Shanghai Liancheng (Group) Co., Ltd., a big company that makes pumps, valves, and environmental protection gear. They have over 5,000 different products used in important areas like city management, water conservation, construction, fire protection, and more.

Liancheng Group’s commitment to becoming a premier domestic fluid industry manufacturing company, coupled with its emphasis on environmentally friendly and energy-saving products, was underscored. The tour included an immersive visit to the exhibition hall, providing insights into the technology and applications of Liancheng Group’s products. The group’s focus on both internal development and external expansion, coupled with a commitment to innovation, left an indelible mark on the participants.

The tour culminated with a visit to the production factory, where the latest industry technology was analyzed. Discussions and exchanges during this session contributed significantly to fostering future collaborations, establishing a foundation for mutually beneficial partnerships.

Shihuantong Study Tour showcases China's pump and valve industry insights

Shanghai Hugong Valve Factory (Group) Co., Ltd.: Excelling in Valve Manufacturing Tradition

The study tour’s second stop unveiled the rich legacy of Shanghai Hugong Valve Factory (Group) Co., Ltd. A major player in the valve manufacturing arena, the company, with decades of history, stands as a leading manufacturer and supplier of general valves.

The tour provided a comprehensive overview of the company’s background, corporate culture, and its pivotal role in China’s valve industry. The visit to the production factory, equipped with advanced machining centers and technology, provided a deeper understanding of the products and showcased the company’s commitment to quality and continuous innovation.

Returning to the conference room, the study tour participants engaged in a productive discussion, laying the groundwork for future collaboration between the visiting buyers and Shanghai Industrial Group.

Shihuantong Study Tour showcases China's pump and valve industry insights

WieTec: A Gateway to In-depth Business Exchange

The Shihuantong Enterprise Study Tour, an integral part of WieTec platform, serves as a year-round conduit for business exchange activities. Tailored for VIP Buyers Diamond Club members and WieTec exhibitors, the tour spans 29 provinces and cities, featuring over 10,000 VIP buyers and 1,000 well-known brands.

Buyers benefit from the opportunity to engage directly with suppliers, discuss product solutions, inspect applications, visit factory production lines, and exchange experiences with industry peers. The Shihuantong platform facilitates appointment matching, schedule arrangement, and comprehensive logistical support, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience for participants.

Looking Ahead: 2024 and Beyond

As the curtain falls on the first chapter of the Shihuantong Enterprise Study Tour, anticipation builds for the collaborative strides that lie ahead. The 12th Flowtech China, scheduled for June 3-5, 2024, promises to be a pinnacle of industry convergence. With an exhibitor renewal rate exceeding 60%, and in collaboration with new partner Informa Markets, the exhibition is poised to leverage overseas resources and international business networks, further solidifying its role as a global trade window. Prospective attendees are encouraged to secure their spots early to enjoy the benefits of the early bird discount, as Flowtech China eagerly awaits the return of industry enthusiasts for another impactful gathering.

In the spirit of progress and collaboration, let’s forge ahead together in 2024, creating a future defined by mutual success and innovation.