Milestones and Collaborations: Reflections on the First Anniversary of ‘The First National Security and Safety Fair Cloud Exhibition’

Reflecting on the First National Security and Safety Fair Cloud Exhibition’s first anniversary, key industry players gathered to acknowledge achievements, celebrate excellence, and fortify collaborations. Shanghai Herui Expo and WieTec, with a decade of exhibition expertise, pledge to guide the industry’s high-quality development. Looking ahead, the upcoming Flowtech China 2024, supported by the influential alliance with Informa Exhibition, promises a dynamic platform for international engagement and a transformative impact on the global installation industry.

Captivating moments at China Installation Industry anniversary celebration, featuring industry leaders and collaborative highlights.

In a remarkable gathering held on November 22, the conference hall on the third floor of Shanghai China Construction Plaza played host to the meeting commemorating the first anniversary of “The First National Security and Safety Fair Cloud Exhibition.” A collaborative effort between the China Installation Association, Shanghai Installation Industry Association, and Shanghai Construction Engineering Green Installation Promotion Center, this event brought together a distinguished assembly of over 150 representatives from construction organizations, companies, and exhibitors.

At the forefront of this milestone event were key figures such as Liu Jianwei, Deputy Secretary-General of China Installation Association, along with Qu Xiaoying and Yang Wenwei, Deputy Secretary-Generals of Shanghai Installation Industry Association. Additionally, Wang Jiangang, Executive Deputy Director of Shanghai Construction Engineering Green Installation Promotion Center, added importance to the occasion. The meeting, expertly presided over by Qu Xiaoying, was further enriched by the presence of Jiang Nan, project director of Shanghai Herui Expo, a strategic partner of the China Installation Association.

Jiang Nan took the opportunity to provide valuable insights into the annual WieTec expo platform, a collaborative effort between the world’s largest exhibition company, Informa Exhibition, and Shanghai Herui Expo. He shed light on the meticulous preparations for the 2024 exhibition and underscored the commitment to strengthen cooperation with the National Security Fair.

A particularly notable revelation was the collaboration in 2024 between WieTec and the Shanghai Installation Industry Association, which aims to create an impressive 1,000 square meter display area at WieTec 2024. This initiative is set to foster a dynamic and high-quality installation industry chain business exchange platform in tandem with Shanghai Herui Expo.

The meeting further elevated the achievements of the Cloud Exhibition by conferring the “Excellent Organization Award” and “Excellent Partner” certificates to outstanding contributors. Representatives from distinguished organizations, including China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau General Contracting Company Installation Branch and Shanghai Construction Engineering Fourth Construction Group, were presented with these prestigious accolades.

Expressing gratitude in his address, Secretary-General Liu Jianwei acknowledged the continuous progress made from the inception of the National Security Fair Cloud Exhibition to its current stature. He underscored the exhibition’s pivotal role in providing an innovative operating model tailored to the evolving needs of the industry and market. In a noteworthy announcement, Liu Jianwei declared that exhibitors would be exempt from fees for the 2024 Cloud Expo, encouraging active participation to foster mutual growth and collaboration. As the meeting drew to a close, optimism prevailed, with Liu Jianwei expressing confidence in the team’s ability to continue steering the installation industry towards high-quality development.

Shanghai Herui Expo and WieTec’s Commitment to Elevating the Chinese Installation Industry

Shanghai Herui Expo, a stalwart with over a decade of experience in organizing exhibitions, stands as a key player in the industry. As a strategic partner of the Shanghai Installation Industry Association, the company is dedicated to fostering connections with target customers and promoting robust industry cooperation. The spirit and intent of the conference will undoubtedly guide Shanghai Herui Expo and WieTec, contributing to the prosperity of Chinese installation industry enterprises.

Flowtech China 2024, Empowered by Informa Exhibition Partnership, Sets Sail for Unprecedented Global Engagement

Looking ahead to future horizons, Flowtech China, scheduled to take place on June 3-5, 2024 at the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center, promises an even more impactful and dynamic presence. The event, now fortified with the alliance of new partner Informa Exhibition, aspires to forge connections with overseas resources, broaden international participation, and solidify its role as a preeminent global trade window. Early enthusiasts are encouraged to secure their spots, anticipating an event that will not only meet but exceed expectations.