Discovering Next-Gen Air Purification and Ventilation Trends at the AirVentec Conference 2023!

From June 5th to 7th, the key AirVentec Expo 2023 air conference united industry leaders and innovators. The event showcased a dynamic blend of cutting-edge products, visionary technologies, and forward-thinking discussions that are shaping the future of the ventilation and air purification sector. During these three action-packed days, exhibitors unveiled a plethora of new products, while renowned companies introduced groundbreaking technologies that are setting the stage for transformative industry upgrades.

Confluence of Expertise: Air Conference Redefining Industry Narratives

In a strategic collaboration, the event organizers partnered with esteemed entities like the China Equipment Management Association Low-Carbon Healthy Living Environment Technology Center, the China Building Materials Circulation Association Indoor Purification Service Professional Committee, and the China Quality Inspection Association Human Settlement Environment Quality Professional Committee. These alliances resulted in a series of thought-provoking forums that spanned key sectors: ventilation and air purification, hotel room development, and home decoration.

Unveiling the Numbers: A Resounding Success

The impact of the AirVentec Expo 2023 reverberated across the industry, attracting over 1,432 professionals from air purification, ventilation, and various light commercial terminal sectors. This robust turnout is a testament to the event’s significance as a pivotal platform for networking, knowledge-sharing, and exploring the future of air quality enhancement.

As we reflect on this immersive experience, it’s evident that it has illuminated the present state of the fresh air and air purification industry and paved the way for a more innovative and interconnected future. The event’s vibrant blend of innovation, expertise, and collaboration has set a high bar for the industry’s evolution, leaving participants eagerly anticipating what lies ahead.

The 6th Air Purification Industry Forum: A Paradigm Shift in Materials, Technologies, and Product

AirVentec Expo 2023: Key Air Conference Elevating Ventilation and Air Purification, June 5-7. Discover Innovations & Insights

Hosted by the Human Settlement Environment Quality Professional Committee, China Association for Quality Inspection

Organized by Herui Expo 

Forum Attendees: The event accommodated a limited audience of 120 participants, comprising esteemed representatives from the ventilation manufacturing sector, notable members of the Academy of Construction Sciences, and forward-thinking ventilation engineering companies.

The 2023 Green Building and Industrial Development Forum

Air confernce in Shanghai

Presented by Herui Expo in Collaboration with Dashanghui Education Group

Forum Attendees: Limited to 120 participants, the forum welcomed a diverse array of attendees, including representatives from local government agencies in Shanghai, forward-thinking real estate developers, creative design institutes, and dynamic general contracting engineering firms.

Elevating Home Living: Uniting Electromechanical Distribution and Residential Environment Integration Services

Crafted by Herui Expo in Conjunction with i Media

Forum Attendees: The forum hosted a distinguished assembly of 200 participants. The guest list included HVAC dealers, enterprising engineering companies, and visionary service providers who converge with a shared aspiration to redefine the future of homes. 

Transforming Hospitality: Pioneering Green Energy Efficiency and Comfort Systems in the Yangtze River Delta

Presented by the Hotel Branch of Shanghai Energy Conservation Engineering Technology Association, in Collaboration with Zhejiang Tourism Engineering Equipment Technology Management Association, Jiangsu Tourism Association Engineering Professional Committee, Yangtze River Delta Hotel Energy Saving Golden Key Award Review Committee, and Organized by Herui Expo.

The 7th China Decoration Thousand Enterprises Procurement Forum

Presented by China Decoration Engineering Alliance, in Collaboration with China Home Decoration Industry Elite Meeting and organized by Herui Expo.

Forum Attendees: The forum gathered 150 participants, graced by the presence of eminent CEOs and executives from home improvement companies, architectural decoration visionaries, decoration design maestros, and creative designers.

The “Good House, Good Parts, Good Service” Paradigm at the 2023 Integrated Home Comfort Forum

Air industry conference took place in June 2023.

Guided by China Construction Metal Structure Association Ventilation and Water Purification Branch, China Construction Metal Structure Association Comfortable Home Branch, and National Building Materials Industry Construction Hardware Plumbing Product Quality Supervision, Inspection and Testing Center

Forum Attendees: The forum gathered 120 participants. Esteemed guests encompass comfort system brands and integrators, water purification and fresh air dealers, as well as dynamic contractors.

The 4th China Air Purification and Disinfection Technology Forum

Championed by China Building Materials Circulation Association Indoor Purification Service Professional Committee and The 8th AirVentec China

Supported by Zhongguancun Green Building Innovation Technology Alliance, Ningbo Jingrui Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., Ningbo Kemei Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., “Ventilation Equipment” Business Special Issue, and Ventilation Equipment Network

Organized by Herui Expo

Forum Attendees: The forum gathered 120 participants. Esteemed attendees encompass ventilation manufacturers and distribution agents.

Architecting Wellness: Building Environmental Control and Health Technical Forum

This is a conference for air industry held in Shanghai every June.

Championed by Shanghai Environmental Protection Industry Association, and Empowered by Shanghai Building Environment Control and Health Engineering Technology Center (in preparation), and Shanghai Construction Environment Monitoring Evaluation and Pollution Control Professional Service Technology Platform 

Organized by Shanghai Jianke Environmental Technology

Forum Attendees: The forum gathered 80 participants. Esteemed attendees encompass environmental engineers, technical pioneers from Institutes of Architecture, and research and development technicians.

2023 Home Appliances Development Forum

Why is it important to keep it up to date by visiting air conferences? Learn more about AirVentec.

Empowering Home Furnishing Industry through a Multitude of Engagements 

Presented by Modern Home Appliances Media Group, in Collaboration with China Construction Circulation Association Indoor Purification Service Professional Committee 

Backed by Comprehensive Insights from GfK Market Consulting (China) Co., Ltd.

Guided by Insights from Hyundai Home Appliances Private Board of Directors

Organized by Beijing Zhijia Youfang Home Appliance Technology

Forum Attendees: The forum welcomed an audience of 200 participants. Esteemed guests span kitchen appliance moguls, home furnishing leaders, building material connoisseurs, independent home appliance research pioneers, and dynamic channel agents.

The 2023 Exclusive “Villa” Luxury Home Design and Application Forum

Learn who were the speakers at the air confernce held alongside AirVentec China Expo 2023.

Presented by Shenzhen Hewu Media Co., Ltd. and Organized by Herui Expo

Forum Attendees

The forum gathers an audience of 100 participants. Esteemed attendees encompass designers with visionary flair, forward-thinking developers, construction maestros, and innovative new material virtuosos.

Exploring the “Ultra-Low Energy Consumption Building Technology Experience Center

Unlocking Innovations in the Yangtze River Delta’s Integrated Development

As the Yangtze River Delta region embarks on its integrated development journey, a remarkable initiative emerges—the “Ultra-Low Energy Consumption Building Technology Experience Center.” At the forefront of this endeavor is the city of Shanghai, harnessing its prowess as a beacon of green buildings and ecological urban landscapes. This center is a manifestation of Shanghai’s pioneering role, focusing on ultra-low energy consumption building technology and a comprehensive standard system.

Seeing the Future of Green Buildings

This new center teaches us all about low-energy building tech. It shows us everything, like walls, roofs, doors, and windows, plus things like sunshades, and stuff that makes buildings hot or cold. There’s even smart controls, lights, and elevators.

The center shows us how to make things from start to finish. It helps people from the government, builders, smart designers, and people who build things. They can all learn and share ideas here. It’s a place where everyone talks about low-energy buildings, and it changes how we make and use buildings.

Changing How We Build

The center isn’t just a place to visit. It’s a way to make things different. By bringing together lots of people, it’s making low-energy building tech really important. This helps create a new time where green buildings and city nature are not just ideas, but real things that make life better.

The “Ultra-Low Energy Building Tech Center” is open for you to visit. It’s like a window to the future, where we can touch and see new ideas come to life. It’s all about making things good for the Earth and for us.

China-Korea Air Purification Expo & Forum: Joining Forces for Cleaner Air

Getting Together for Cleaner Air

The Shanghai Environmental Protection Industry Association, along with the Air Purifier Industry Alliance (APIAC) and the Korean Air Purification Association (KACA), teamed up to create something special. They organized the “China-Korea Air Purification Expo & Forum” and set up a shared area during the 8th AirVentec China.